These beautiful and comfy mattresses are handmade in the Republic of Guinea, West Africa.  Each mattress is filled with Kapok, a silky 100% natural fiber that grows in the shell of the Kapok-tree, known as the “cotton-silk” tree. The picking, shelling and filling of the mattresses is done entirely by hand. The mattresses can be easily piled on the floor for an sleepover, movie night or used as a daybed mattress. The mix of stripes and indigos makes them irresistible!

The indigo blue comes from the green leaves of indigotier-plant. This plant grows in the mountainous region of Guinea, and is famous for its excellent dyeing qualities.

The know-how of the “tie & dye” and the indigo dyeing have been transmitted from generation to generation for centuries in Guinea. The dyeing process consists of several phases, including preparation, dyeing and finishing.

In the tie & dye patterns, each stitch is sewn separately using a needle and a thread. One meter of tie & dye fabric contains about 3,600 stitches that are sewn and then unsewn after dyeing one by one. 

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